The Spirits and Saints package invites you to dive into the spiritual and religious universe of the Wendat. Come into contact with the Invisible and the Sacred through a presentation of the Wendat cosmogony and the myth of the creation of the world: “The legend of Aataentsic, the woman that came down from the Sky-world”. Be introduced to Aboriginal animist beliefs through ceremonies, feasts and rituals which have survived for decades, in particular those who still exits and are still being practiced by the Aboriginal communities.

This experience is offered for groups only and includes :

  • A two and a half hour guide tour;
  • A tour of the National Longhouse;
  • A tour of the Notre-Dame de Lorette Mission;
  • See the permanent exhibit of the Huron-Wendat museum;
  • A souvenir of Saint Kateri.

$14.70 + taxes for students
$16.30 + taxes for accompanists