Encounter with Onontïio

(New -Theme: trade and chieftaincy)

Who: 3rd and 4th-year elementary students (2nd cycle)

Duration: 1h30

The students will experiment with the political and social reality of the Iroquoians in the middle of the 17th century, using role-play to highlight the matrilineal and chieftaincy system. The students will prepare a trade expedition with the French as the Huron-Wendat did at the time.

  • Election of a clan chief in the national longhouse;
  • Visit of the permanent exhibition of the museum;
  • Manipulation of objects and debate on their choice on the team (furs, hooks, armbands, dolls, pottery, bark baskets … etc.)

Learning fields: social, artistic, language and personal development universes.

Available all year, on reservation :

Contact : 418 847-0624 extension 6003
Email : [email protected]