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Integrity and accuracy of information

Tourisme Wendake strives to ensure that the information available on this website is complete, accurate and current. The information comes from sources that Tourisme Wendake deems reliable and it is updated on a regular basis. It may nevertheless contain inaccuracies, omissions, typographical errors or other flaws.
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Modifications and illegal content

Tourisme Wendake does not authorize users of this website to modify, reword, adapt, change, adjust, rearrange, dismantle, outline or decode its content, except when using information customization instruments specifically made available to users by Tourisme Wendake. Moreover, it is strictly forbidden to post or transmit, to or through this website, any material that is unlawful or threatening, including texts, sounds or images of a defamatory, obscene, fraudulent, scandalous, seditious, pornographic or blasphemous nature, or any other material likely to constitute, foster or encourage the commission of a criminal or penal offence, give rise to a civil suit or to otherwise violate any laws in force.

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