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Talking Stick | Handicraft Workshop


This crafting station will allow you to make a talking stick.
The talking stick is a tool that was and sometimes still is used in tribal councils to help regulate speech. In short, it is the person holding the stick who has the floor. Some families still use it today at home!

When making it, the craftswoman will explain its importance to you. You will make it yourself in the image of your clan, your family. It is certainly an unforgettable memory and which may be useful at home!
Experience this activity with family or friends.


In high season (July to September) offered every day.
In low season: On reservation, minimum 2 people.


Mandatory reservation
The crafting material needed for making is included in the price.


[Low season] Wednesday to Sunday
4:30 PM
[High season] Saturday to Sunday
4:30 PM


70.00 per family

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