Various options are offered to you in Wendake. Whether it's fine dining inspired by the First Nations or a cleverly concocted sandwich, you will find a restaurant or snack bar for all tastes and budgets


Le Piolet


La Traite Restaurant

Restaurant La Traite, renowned for its original and unique concept with its aboriginal inspired cuisine, takes us by surprise with its modernism and touch of authenticity, reflecting its attachment [...]

Nek8arre Restaurant

Aboriginal cuisine, new and [...]

Resto-école Le Piolet

Le Piolet Restaurant is an integration restaurant which helps young adults who face many challenges and [...]

Sagamité Restaurant

The Sagamité opened its doors in 1999, and ever since then, people from all over the world have been invited to discover Indigenous culture through gastronomy. The place is named after the plate [...]

“Usine à Frites” Snack Bar

Located in the heart of Wendake, l’Usine à Frites is this summer’s perfect lunch spot. Come discover the burgers, smoked meat, sandwiches and fries of [...]

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