Myths & Legends


The “ Myths and legends ” activity is one of the star activities offered in Wendake. This activity takes place in our national longhouse Ekionkiestha’ . The longhouse, this dwelling of the Iroquoian peoples, built entirely of wood and bark and heated with three fires, provides a magical setting for this exceptional immersive experience.

Rooted in oral tradition, “myths and legends” activities have always been part of Aboriginal culture. Indeed, it is an experience inspired by thousand-year-old traditions that the evening “Myths and Legends” activities offer you! In the heart of the Ekionkiestha’ longhouse, near a fire, with an Aboriginal storyteller, everything is there to make you live a unique, authentic and above all magical experience. The stories will address several important Aboriginal cultural notions. It is by telling you about the creation of Mother Earth, that of the Pleiades and other myths that shaped their childhood that the storytellers will shed light on the culture of the Huron-Wendat Nation from a completely different angle. These evenings are suitable for both children and adults.


Offered every evening in English or French, upon reservation.
Minimum of 2 people.


Tuesday to Sunday
7:00 PM | 8:00 PM | 9:15 PM


37.50 adult/ 18,75$ child 6-12 years/ free toddler 0-5 years

Nos conteurs

Name:Dominic Ste-Marie
Clan:Yanariskwa (loup)
Years of experience:7
Description:Passionné d'histoire, de politique et d'économie, Dominic saura vous faire rire et vous présentera sa nation avec fierté pour vous permettre de mieux connaître son héritage et ses valeurs
Summer/spring legends:La création du monde, les pléiades, skadawati, la danse du lièvre
Fall/winter legends:Pourquoi les feuilles changent de couleur à l'automne, pourquoi les arbres perdent leurs feuilles en hiver, la création du monde, Enno
Name:Isabelle Sioui
Clan:Yanariskwa (wolf
Years of experience:10
Description:Artisan, storyteller, lecturer and specialist in traditional embroidery such as spade and porcupine jewelry, Isabelle is very involved in learning and sharing her culture. Come and discover a passionate woman who will make adults and children vibrate to the sound of her drum.
Summer/spring legends:La création du monde, les pléiades, la médecine, la venue du printemps, la poupée de maïs
Fall/winter legends:La création du monde, les pléiades, Enno, pourquoi les feuilles sont rouges au Québec en automne
Name:Diego Gros-Louis
Nation:Wendat & Innue
Clan:Yandiawich (turtle)
Years of experience:1
Description:Diego is passionate about its history and its origins. He likes to tell about his culture and his nation as well as the myths and legends that have shaped him.
Summer/spring legends:Création du monde, les pléiades et Skadawati
Fall/winter legends:création du monde, les pléiades et Enno

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