Wendake, the ideal place to shop ! Several craft shops that cover the territory of Wendake offer a variety of both traditional and modern objects demonstrating the Wendat savoir-faire. Jewels, drums, moccasins, clothes, snowshoes, leathers, arts, furs and sacred grass of the Nation are just a short list of everything you can find in Wendake's shops.


Le Pédalier




Awen’: The Huron-Wendat Museum’s Shop

our giftshop called ewen' (water), which offers an impressive range of authentic products for you to immerse yourself in the creek of Huron-Wendat and other First Nations knowledge and [...]



Hannenorak Library

The largest selection of First Nation literature in [...]

Les Épices du Guerrier


Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations Boutique

The hotel-boutique is the authentic experience or the quality, culture and know-how of the First [...]

Online shop


Boutique Wendake

Online store : Over 100 quality items, only a click away! Jewelry, dream catchers, sculptures… and a lot [...]

Raquettes et artisanat Gros-Louis

For 48 years, one generation after the other, Raquettes et artisanat Gros-Louis has offered arts and crafts that are typically Native, made by First Nations of Québec and particularly the [...]

The Huron Boutique

Known worldwide for three generations for its authenticity, the “LE HURON” boutique has a large variety of Eastern Canadian Indigenous art and craft [...]

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