Rivière-Saint-Charles Linear Park


32 km long and laid out in 13 enchanting sectors, the linear park crisscrosses the banks of the Saint-Charles River in Quebec City and Wendake. Or, from its mouth, located at the Old Port, to its source, Lake Saint-Charles, it puts the hiker in contact with a diversity of landscapes and natural habitats.

During the four seasons, you can observe a wide variety of bird species, admire nature (plain, canyon, waterfall, marsh, vegetation, geology, etc.), make an incursion into the native culture as well as discover works of art or one of the many parks and historic sites that line this exceptional trail. It is also possible, in winter, to practice cross-country skiing and snowshoeing on certain portions of the course.

In the portion located in Wendake, you will pass near the following places: the Sagamité restaurant, the Kabir-Kouba waterfall, the Onywahtehretsih square, the fresco of the Wendat People, the site of the Wendake International Pow-wow (indoor amphitheater and dance circle ) and the craft shops Le Petit Huron Moc and Raquettes et Artisanat Gros-Louis.


Access: The linear park of the Saint-Charles river is accessible free of charge.


Nearby parking lots:


Parking for the First Nations Hotel-Museum and the Huron-Wendat Museum. From the First Nations Hotel-Museum, you can follow the path of the moccasins to get to the Kabir-Kouba waterfall. The path then comes along the river. (Reserved for customers of the restaurant La Traite, the hotel or the museum)


Public paid parking at 100, boulevard Bastien, Wendake.
Persons with reduced mobility: Several sections including stairs are found in the portion of the linear park located in Wendake.

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