June 30th to July 2nd 2023

9,75$ 13+ years old

5,00$ 6-12 years old

Free 0-5 years old

Information :
[email protected]

*Please note that no dogs are allowed inside the sacred dance arbour

Complete Programmation :

Complete programmation 2023

Conference Zone programmation
July 1st at 11:00 am & July 2nd at 11:00 am
Culinary demonstration with the Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations : Watch a culinary demonstration by Michelin-starred chef Marc de Passorio

Chef Marc de Passorio :
Internationally renowned chef Marc de Passorio is a true gastronomic talent. With two Michelin stars and the prestigious Gault et Millau d’or to his credit, he is recognized as one of the world’s most distinguished chefs. Having worked in various restaurants in France, Russia and New Zealand, he chose to settle in Quebec.
As soon as he arrived in the province, Marc de Passorio showed a keen interest in First Nations culinary knowledge. He set out to visit several First Nations communities in Quebec to better understand them, their customs and traditions. He was warmly welcomed by the Huron-Wendat nation.
Today, as chef of the Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations restaurant, Marc de Passorio pursues his passion while playing the role of mentor and trainer. He promotes local cuisine inspired by the know-how and ingredients of the Indigenous terroir. It’s an approach that also integrates young Indigenous into his brigade, offering them a unique opportunity to develop their skills and participate in the evolution of contemporary cuisine inspired by First Nations flavors.
Thanks to his curiosity, his respect for Indigenous knowledge and his willingness to share his expertise, Marc de Passorio contributes to highlighting Quebec’s culinary wealth and fostering intercultural exchange. His commitment to First Nations traditions and his passion for local cuisine make him a key player in promoting the province’s gastronomic diversity.


July 1st at 1pm : Jean-Philippe Thivierge: A’kwatatia’ – we speak: Discovering the history of the Wendat.


July 2nd à 1pm : Isabelle Sioui: Craft workshop on porcupine quills.


Workshops zone programmation
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List of artisans
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Friday night show | 6pm to 10pm | FREE

6.30 pm: Genevieve G-L Salamone
Geneviève Gros-Louis Salamone, a renowned violinist, film soundtrack composer, and producer from the Huron-Wendat Nation, has acquired a worldwide reputation for her exceptional talents. Despite the trauma that she experienced in her childhood, she bravely uses her platform to shed light on mental health, female victims of sexual violence, and the challenges facing Indigenous communities. With a degree in violin performance and Indigenous studies from McGill University, Geneviève composes captivating soundtracks for cinema, performs around the world with her enchanting violin, and produces award-winning music at Wendat Records. Her music has embellished prestigious events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Paris Fashion Week, and the Wendake International Pow Wow, captivating spectators with her cultural narratives.

7.30pm: Sandrine Masse
Sandrine Masse began her career as a classically trained violist. Her love of folk, prog rock, and traditional music led her to lend her viola playing and her voice to musical groups of various styles made up of artists from all over the world. A graduate of the École nationale de la chanson (ENC) and the winner of First Prize and the People’s Choice Award at the Chante en français competition, Sandrine launched her first EP in 2022, which blended folk music, traditional rhythms, and alternative rock. With their ambiance and their timeless sound, her songs take us on a journey and weave themselves into so many stories presenting her vision of the world as a Wendat and Quebec artist.

9om: Anyma
Anyma is an Indigenous singer-songwriter hailing from Wendake, Quebec, who has captured the hearts of audiences with her unique blend of traditional Indigenous sounds and contemporary music. Her music is deeply personal and reflects her strong connection to nature, spirituality, and her Huron-Wendat heritage. Anyma’s soulful voice and poignant lyrics have earned her critical acclaim and a loyal following. Beyond her music, Anyma is also a passionate advocate for Indigenous rights and uses her platform to raise awareness and promote cultural preservation. She is a rising star in the Indigenous music scene and an inspiring voice for change.