Temporary exhibit

In the Yadia’wish room (the Turtle room), overlooking the river, the Museum presents a continually updated calendar of exhibits found here and in other institutions. Whether artistic or ethnological in nature, these exhibits allow visitors to further their knowledge of specific aspects of Wendat culture, discover other Amerindian cultures, or appreciate the genius and creativity of Aboriginal artists of yesterday and today. Contact us to learn about current and upcoming exhibits!

CURRENT EXHIBIT (December 14th 2017 to April 29th 2018)

Guardians of traditional know-how

The wide variety of decorative techniques developed and practiced by Huron-Wendat women go back centuries. Today, the guardians of traditional know-how contribute to the preservation and practice of these techniques, in particular beading, porcupine quill work and moosehair embroidery. This exhibit presents ancient and modern pieces, made and decorated with these three techniques.