We offer to high school groups to take place into the circle and discover the democratic universe, egalitarian and ecological values of the Huron-Wendat Nation.

This package begins with a guided tour of our permanent exhibition Territories, Memories, Knowledge, this exhibition presents the story of a living culture, through objects charged with memories. The journey continues to the longhouse, a reconstructed ancestral site including reproductions of artifacts and interpretive sites.

It’s around the fire that we offer to teens to discover the values, beliefs and democratic processes which are the foundations of the Huron-Wendat Nation. They will be invited to attend a Stick of speech ceremony; a technical diplomacy and mutual listening tools used in the council or meeting. This exercise will allow them to express themselves on the issues addressed by the Aboriginal guide. They pose a reflection on their roles in society and their impact on the environment. They will participate in the art craft of a wampum belt, to collaborate on this symbol of alliances and mutual commitment.

Duration : 2h30

$13,50 / student (for 30 students and more)