Trading things, trading places

Who : 2nb cycle of primary school students. 

Duration : 2h00

Learning fields: social universe; arts

Subjects: Geography, history and citizenship; Art

Skills: Through role-play and content delivered by the guide, Trading Things enables students to open themselves to the diversity of societies and of their territories and to understand changes in a society and its territory. During the trading, students will communicate verbally, exercise critical judgment and practice dialogue.

An overview of the Iroquian and Algonquian societies, from the 16th to the 18th centuries is presented using a role playing: characteristics of the different territories, elements of their way of life, economic activities, political structures, role of women and men, housing, food and clothing.

  • Visit of the museum’s permanent exhibition with emphasis on certain artifacts;
  • Visit of the national longhouse;
  • Incarnation of Iroquoians and Algonquians in theatrical commercial exchange.

Available all year, on reservation :

Contact : 418 847-0624 extension 6003
Email : [email protected]