Raquettes et Artisanat Gros-Louis

For 48 years, one generation after the other, Raquettes et artisanat Gros-Louis has offered arts and crafts that are typically Native, made by First Nations of Québec and particularly the Huron-Wendat. The house specialty ostill remains the snowshoe made from ash wood and “babiche” (pre-tanned cow or moose hide), in various forms and sizes, and, nowadays, aluminum snowshoes. It also specializes in mukluks or winter boots, moccasins, peace pipes, dream catchers, jewellery, drums, incense and spiritual accessories.

30, Bastien Boulevard
Wendake (Quebec)  GOA 4V0

Phone : (418) 842-0915
Email :  info@raquettesgroslouis.com