Permanent exhibit

Permanent Exhibit / Huron-Wendat Museum

Territories, memories, knowledges

The history of a culture that is still alive and vibrant, and objects which evoke ancestral traditions that are more than memories: this is what visitors will discover in the permanent exhibition of the Huron-Wendat Museum. Taking an interactive approach, this extremely rare collection allows us to enter into the heart of the Huron-Wendat and their culture to explore the themes of territories, memories and knowledge.

Visitors pass through a depiction of the creation myth and arrive at a forest. The Spirit of the great forests of northeastern North America tells of the origins of the Wendat people and their long journey through the ages. Behind the forest, the material universe is revealed a series of showcases arranged in a great circle. They present and explain the significance of objects, guiding us on the path to knowledge. The multimedia environment above the great circle plunges visitors into a poetic vision of the natural universe which nourishes and stimulates the imagination. Objects take on life once more.

Behind the permanent exhibition lies an entertaining and educational journey. In addition to archival images and texts, there are didactic activities and interactive games for both the young and less young to enjoy.

We welcome you among us!

Permanent Exhibit / Tsawenhohi House

Hatiyuwa : nenhs (The Great Men) : Nicolas Vincent Tsawenhohi (1769-1844)

Nicolas Vincent Tsawenhohi was one of the Huron-Wendat Nation’s great diplomats. Like all men of his nation at the time, he hunted, trapped and fished. This gave him firsthand knowledge of Nionwentsïo, the territory of the Huron-Wendat. Named War Chief in 1803, then Grand Chief in 1811, he was first and foremost a Huron-Wendat who, along with other great men of his nation, committed himself to his community and its territory and played an active role in defending them. We invite you to meet Nicolas Vincent Tsawenhohi in the house where he lived. Look out the windows and you will get a glimpse of his era.