Small steps on the Huron-Wendat’s path

Who: Preschool and students from the 1st and 2nd grades of primary school.  

Duration : 2h00

Learning fields: social universe; arts; languages, and personal development

Subjects: Geography, history and citizenship; art

Skills: During the activity, the crafting of an object will bring about students to interact efficiently in different sensory and motor contexts. This allows them to complete a project or an activity on their own. Finally, through dancing and discussions, students will have to interact harmoniously with eachother.

This activity offers a first contact with the Huron-Wendat’s culture to the students in three workshops:

  • Manipulate objects of different materials during a guided tour of the museum (wood, leather, fur, bark, pottery, stone …);
  • Discover the national longhouse;
  • Traditional dance workshop on Huron-Wendat rhythms;
  • Making a necklace or bracelet.

During the guided tour of the permanent exhibition, the students manipulate replicas of items in the glass cases. This permits them to understand how the raw materials were used by the Huron-Wendat of the past to make their daily life’s items.  The children are then invited to try a simple and fun traditional dance, following the rhythm of rattles, drum and song. Finally, the children experiment craftworking by making a necklace or bracelet with wooden beads.

Available all year long, on reservation :

Contact : 418 847-0624 extension 6003
Email : [email protected]