Ahchiouta’s’s quest

(New – Theme: introduction to archaeology)

Who: Students of primary schools’ 3rd and 4th grade (2nd cycle)

Duration : 2h15

Targeted skills: social universe, arts and personal development.

Before leaving her village, Ahchiouta’a, a Huron-Wendat elder, hid some objects. With the help of some clues, the students will discover which objects were hidden and learn more about the first contacts with Europeans explorers and all the events that followed.

  • Answer enigmas while visiting the museum’s exhibitions and the national longhouse;
  • Find reproductions of archaeological objects (ceramics, arrowheads, toys, etc.) in the house of the great chief Tsawenhohi;
  • Analyze documents and categorization in the way of archaeologists.

**Possibility to create your own package « à la carte » with other activities

Available all year long, upon reservation.

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