Spirits and Saints

Who : High School students

Duration : 2h30

Learning fields: social universe; arts; languages; and personal development

Subjects: Ethics and religion; contemporary world; art; History of Quebec and Canada

Skills: Being centered around native spirituality, this activity enables the students to understand religious phenomena, to practice dialogue, to deliberate upon ethical issues et to communicate verbal in various contexts. The discussions also lead the students to take a position on contemporary issues and to apply critical judgment. Moreover, the tour pays particular attention to religious and native art, in addition to the Huron-Wendat history. This enables students to appreciate images and to characterize an era of Quebec or Canada’s history.

An introduction to some aspects of the Huron-Wendat’s spiritual philosophy and religion through the centuries. Through Huron-Wendat’s founding myth “The Legend of Aatentsic, the Fallen Woman”, you will be presented their cosmogony by a guide. You will then learn about animism through some of its most important concepts, like the significance of the Circle. You will see the changes brought by Christianism along with a few important figures, like saint Kateri Tekakwitha, the only aboriginal saint of North America.

  • Visit of the Ekionkiestha’ national longhouse with emphasis on myths, tales, rituals, celebrations and ceremonies;
  • Visit the permanent exhibition of the museum;
  • In-depth visit of the Notre-Dame-de-Lorette church;
  • A souvenir of your passage.

Learning fields: Social, artistic and Person’s development universes. 

**Also available to the general public, minimum of 10 people and on the reservation. ***Possible to create an « à la carte » package with other activities.

Available all year long, on reservation :

Contact : 418 847-0624 extension 6003
Email: [email protected]