On the turtle and the bear’s trails

Who : 3rd grade of primary school students.  

Duration : 1h30

Learning fields: social universe; arts

Subjects: Geography, history and citizenship; Art

Skills: Through the tour and discussions, students are led to read the organization of a society on its territory, to open themselves to the diversity of societies and of their territories, and, finally, to practice dialogue. This activity also implements the following transversal skills: exploiting information, structuring identity, cooperate. The building of a wigwam model also enables them to realize personal art creation, and to apply creative thinking.

The activity allows the students to explore the museum and to question themselves about Iroquoian artifacts from the 16th century while comparing this society with the Algonquians nations.

  • Artifacts hunt in the permanent exhibition room of the museum;
  • Visit of the Ekionkiestha’ longhouse;
  • Construction of a model wigwam in pairs.

Exploring the museum and its artifacts are followed by an interpretation, in group, of various elements that sparked their interest. The students, in pairs, are then invited to ask questions and, then, illustrate the answer they received. The guide will also present them the differences between the Iroquoian and Algonquian way of life. Each pair also receives a model of a wigwam ready to be assembled and work together on how to build it.

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