Taking place in the circle

Who: High School students. 

Duration : 2h30

We offer high school groups to ‘’take place in the Circle’’ and discover the democratic universe of the Huron-Wendat Nation, as well as their egalitarian and ecological values. The students will express themselves on their roles in society and their impact on the environment.

  • Around a fire, we offer the group to participate in a ceremony of talking stick, a technique of diplomacy and mutual listening used in councils and meetings;
  • Visit the permanent exhibition and the Ekionkiestha’ National Longhouse;
  • Ornamentation of a tall talking stick representing the group and that they will bring back with them.

Learning field: Social, artistic, language and Person’s development universes. 

** Possible to create an « à la carte » package with other activities.

Available all year long, on reservation :

Contact : 418 847-2260 extension 6003
Email : [email protected]