Traditional knowledges

Who: Primary school and High school students.

Duration : 2h30

Learning fields: social universe; arts; languages

Subjects: Ethics and religion; contemporary world; art; History of Quebec and Canada

Skills: Being centered around the ancestral culture of the Huron-Wendat, this activity will lead students to read the organization of a cultural area and to characterize an era of Quebec or Canada’s history. As the learning process is done through a participatory way, students will need to practice dialogue and to communicate verbally in various contexts. The activity practical aspects and games enable students to interact in multiple contexts of physical activity.

In this activity, your students, accompanied by a guide, will discover some of the traditional Huron-Wendat Nation’s knowledge in an immersive way.

  • Visit of the Huron-Wendat Museum and the Ekionkiestha’ national longhouse;
  • Tasting the bannock (traditional bread) that they baked on the open fire or, in rainy or stormy weather, tasting a boreal beverage while learning about its making and the virtues of the herbs as well as listening to a legend;
  • Experimentation of traditional knowledge to start a fire;
  • First Nations’ games (la crosse, bowl game, snake, moccasin and cup and ball game).

**Possibility to create an « à la carte » package with other activities.

Available all year long, on reservation :

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